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Quick guide: top signs of common pest infestations

Wyoming and Montana residents and business owners don’t always need a pest control specialist to recognize the presence of common pests in their homes, businesses and other structures. The following signs by type are easy to spot:

– Bed bugs: Since bed bugs love blood, look for bite marks on people and pets and blood stains on linens, mattresses and pet beds. Other signs include dark smudges, carcasses and tiny, rice-shaped eggshells.

– Bees and wasps: Look for hovering bees and wasps near exterior structural cracks, crevices and holes. Other signs include an overly sweet odor in any room coupled with exterior hovering nearby and/or the sounds of buzzing and movement in a wall.

– Carpet beetles: Given that these small bugs eat natural fibers and blend in well with their surroundings after they mature, look for tiny black or brown, furry larvae on furniture, carpets and walls. Other signs include missing top layers of material or holes in pile and flat textiles.

– Rodents: Mice, rats and other rodents chew holes through boxes and drywall, insulation and other construction materials. They often also use what they tear apart to line nests. Look for piles and tufts of materials on floors. Other signs include droppings, urine spots, and scratching and scurrying sounds in walls, cabinets, and ovens.

– Termites: Termites eat natural cellulose materials. Look for holes in wood and deterioration of natural structural materials. Other signs include carcasses on windowsills and tubes of mud affixed to exterior porch, foundation and wall and interior basement surfaces.

If you think you’ve found signs of one or more infestations, it’s time to call a pest exterminator. Best Pest Control proudly offers full pest control services throughout Wyoming and Montana. To prevent costly health or property damage, call our knowledgeable, expert team today to schedule an appointment.