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A Guide to the Most Common Bug Bites

As we all move into the dog days of summer, you may have noticed an increase in friendly but annoying bugs. Bozeman is home to a variety of bugs, not all of which are great to have around. Some of them are regional, and some are special cases, brought in from other states by travelers. Regardless of where your pest issue is coming from, you should be able to identify the most common bug bites that you might encounter in the local area. This involves recognizing ant, bed bug, cockroach, spider, termite, and wasp signs.

Ant Bites

These are some of the most annoying bites to deal with, as they are painful and itchy. They may become pus filled blisters at the bite site, but it’s important to not break them so that they can heal properly. It is best to ice the area and take a pain reliever to reduce itching and pain.

Bed Bug Bites

These bites may appear grouped together or in a semi-type of line. They normally only appear on parts of the body that are not covered by clothing, as the bed bugs have issues getting into clothes. Common areas are hands, neck, and feet. They are normally red, swollen areas with darker red centers. These bits can cause itchy blisters or hives in certain people.

Spider Bites

Most spiders don’t pose a sever threat to humans, but all of them are capable of biting and causing irritation. For the most part, they feel like bee stings or less—often these bites are characterized by two small puncture marks at the bite site, although in some cases the bite can blister. Ice the area to heal the itch and irritation faster.

Wasps Stings

These are some of the most aggressive bee stings that you can get. They are characterized by a sharp pain, sometimes multiple times if the wasp can continue stinging. After the sting, there is redness, swelling, itching, and burning around the area. Often the area is raised too.

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