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Getting rid of cockroaches

Bozeman Getting rid of cockroaches

At Best Pest Control, we have proven methods for dealing with cockroaches in Bozeman, Montana. You can always try to deal with a pest problem yourself as a homeowner or renter. There are many products available and methods you can attempt to get rid of an infestation. If you find them ineffective, our experienced team of pest control professionals is ready to eliminate your roach problems for good.


First, it is important to identify problem areas where cockroaches like to hide out and live. Take your flashlight out and start the hunt. They love moisture, warmth, and darkness, so check under sinks, in cabinets, closets, in drawers, behind appliances, even inside the warm dark electronic panels of items like your microwave, coffee maker or electronics with an always-on digital display, such as the time.

Based on where you see the most evidence of traffic, lay down roach strips and keep an eye on these areas for up to a week to determine where the most traffic is.


Next, keep more roaches from entering your home by caulking any existing holes or cracks. Remember that they can fit through tiny spaces, so be thorough in your caulking job including walls, tiles, weather stripping on doors and windows. This will stop help stop these and other pests from getting inside.


Now it’s time to apply a bait that will effectively reduce their population. This can be done either with a gel bait or a bait station. A gel bait will come in a tube and should be used on any cracks and crevices and under baseboards. You will most likely begin seeing dead roaches after applying gel bait.

A bait station will attract cockroaches and let them feed on the poison inside. Then, they will return to the nest, die, and get eaten by the others, thus spreading the poison. These methods are somewhat useful for eliminating a roach infestation, but they will not rid the home of all roaches. Again, you will start seeing more carcasses around the house after the bait has been laid. Beware that some bait traps contain no poison and only trap the roaches.

Boric Acid

Boric acid / Borax powder can be a useful aid in getting rid of roaches, but it is often misapplied. Just a little bit of breeze can blow it away from the desired areas and cause it to lose all effectiveness. It should only be used in addition to other methods to get rid of cockroaches in Bozeman, Montana.

Call the Professionals

Whether or not you have tried any of the above methods for dealing with cockroaches, the absolute best approach is to call in the experts to deal with the problem. They have the experience and know-how to tackle your pest problem and solve it effectively. Their resources and technology allow them to identify and address all types of pest intrusions, finding the entry locations and nipping it in the bud.

At Best Pest Control, we’re the experts in dealing with cockroaches in Bozeman, Montana. Our team of pest control professionals is ready to take charge and eradicate the pest problem plaguing your home or commercial property. We know how to handle the wide variety of pest problems that experienced here in Montana. So, count on us to provide you with practical pest control solutions. Call for help today.