termites in my basement

Why You Need to Deal with Termites Right Away

If your home in Bozeman has termites, it’s absolutely vital that you deal with the situation as soon as you can. If you don’t, there are a number of major issues that can occur. Also, the longer the termites are in your home, the harder it’s going to be to eradicate them. Here are a few of the reasons why you need to deal with these pests quickly.

Termites Reproduce Quickly

If you see a few termites, you may not feel very threatened. What can a few of them do? Unfortunately, these few termites are going to quickly become many more. Queen termites can actually lay hundreds or even thousands of eggs every day. That will quickly lead to an increase in the number of termites. If they have access to an abundant source of food, such as the wood in your home, you can quickly go from a small termite infestation to a major one.

Termites Quickly Spread

Because they can so quickly reproduce, termites can very quickly spread, too. If you see signs of termite damage around your shed, don’t assume that you have time before they move to your home. Chances are, a few of them have already explored the area, and it won’t be long before they establish a colony there. You need to deal with any termite infestation as soon as you can.

Termites Can Cause Serious Structural Damage

The biggest fear many people have with termites is the amount of structural damage they can cause. With thousands of termites eating away at your home’s walls, floors, supports, and even furniture, the damage can quickly add up. To protect your home and its contents, you need to act quickly as soon as you see any sign of termites. The longer you wait, the more damage will be done and the more costly it can be to repair. In fact, you may have to have entire walls rebuilt or new roof supports put in, and that can be very expensive.

Health Issues

In addition to the damage done to your home, termites can also cause various health issues. Termites are attracted to many types of mold because the mold makes it easier for them to digest the wood. When they eat away at the wood around these fungi, they disturb it. This causes the mold to release spores that can easily get into the air you breathe. This can make conditions such as asthma worse or may even cause various health issues. If your home has black mold, it’s especially dangerous to breathe in.

Don’t let termites eat away at your home in Bozeman. As soon as you find signs of these pests, contact Best Pest Control today to arrange an inspection.